The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Profit Maximizers

Profit Maximizer is one of the most valuable items you could possibly pick up.

What you're going to get is access to a total of 80 various high quality products, that you can both utilize for youself, AND hand out as bonus offers yourself profit maximisers review in your affiliate promotions/as a lead magnet.

Now. why in the world would you desire that? Simple:

Adding perks to your promos WILL increase how many sales you get by a load, each and every single time. I've done promotions where I haven't added bonus offers. and they have actually all been pretty horrible. I would get a couple of sales occasionally, but when I started including bonus offers, whatever altered for me.

In short though. it's massive. You can expect a 2-8% sales conversion rate without benefits, and 30-60% with. Okay, so now you may be thinking.

" Well, you can say that, can't I simply utilize totally free "PLR" products instead as rewards, or make my own?"

You can, however it's not going to work well. You need high quality rewards, like the ones you'll get in Profit Maximizers. If you're simply getting started, it's also going to be really challenging to know how/what to create as a reward. The thing is, the bonuses you'll get. are previous courses created by top suppliers in this market. You get access to tons of previous items from Brendan and Jono. Products that have all cost anywhere from $13-$ 27. They're yours for a stupid low $17 (I informed them it was too low-cost. they didn't listen) and you can now also provide away as bonuses yourself, which is definitely crazy.

Ideally you realise by now that this is pretty much an item you need to have if you want to make it big.

Let me quickly cover what the upsells have to do with:

OTO 1: Triple your commissions-- $37.

High quality training on precisely how to utilize these benefits to optimize the profits that you are going to make.

OTO 2: Deficiency ADD (easy conversion boosters)-- $47.

This is a collection of conversion boosters that will enormously increase the earnings that you make in any of your discounts.

OTO 3: Limitless Traffic-- $197.

Jonas comment:.

One of the most valuable upgrades of perpetuity. Let's you place a tracking pixel on their sites, so that you can build an enormous retargeting list, rapidly.

OTO 4: Done For You Bonus Pages (Hosted by Us)-- $67.

Get monthly campaigns for life. This is a one time payment with no recurring costs whatsoever.

OTO 5: License Rights-- $97.

100% Commissions on the whole funnel.